Why I am reading and recommending “For the Fame of God’s Name, Essays in Honor of John Piper”

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As of late, pastor John Piper has done some rather controversial things; endorsing Mark Driscoll, hosting Doug Wilson and Rick Warren at Desiring God conferences have puzzled and even angered people including myself many of my personal acquaintances and friends. Still, regardless of John’s recent questionable decisions I cannot escape the fact that God used Dr. Piper’s preaching to alter my life in a radically Godward direction.

Working construction for several years and newly married, Piper’s exposition through the book of Romans kept me sane and zealous for God’s word. Being brought up in an Arminian context, John’s relentless exposition of the doctrines of grace drove me to read the sources for myself and more importantly to study the critical passages in the original languages (another point of Piper’s passionate theological emphasis).

Though I have not read all of John’s books, I have read some real life changers. The earth shattering revelation that God does all things to uphold His own all-satisfying glory in The Pleasures of God, the concept of Christian hedonism which declares to us that we are most satisfied when God is most glorified in Desiring God, the Christ exalting explorations of the glories of Jesus Christ in Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ, the zeal producing proclamation that we exist for the great purpose of magnifying the glory of God through sacrificial living in Don’t Waste Your Life, the global vision of God’s redemptive scheme to bring all nations to the point of praise in Let the Nations be Glad, the truth that Romans nine upholds the absolute sovereignty of God above all things in The Justification of God, the pastoral game changing book that seeks to kill pulpit triviality in Preaching and the Supremacy of God, and the deeply inspiring biographical sermons and books which Piper has done demand our affirmation and appreciation for his labors. Though at times it is far too easy to criticize the man for his faults yet, how many can claim his labors and number the lives he has impacted? I commend to you For the Fame of God’s Name for your personal edification and spiritual blessing.

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