The God of Comfort in a World of Pain - Part 3

The God of Comfort in a World of Pain - Part 3

Jun 10, 2012

By: Emilio Ramos

Passage: 2 Corinthians 1:3-11

Series: 2 Corinthians

Pastor Emilio teaches part 3 on his multi-part sermon series on 2 Cor. 1:3-11.  Part 3 focuses on Dependence and Deliverance through trusting in the mercies of God and 2 Cor. 1:8-11

  1. The Overwhelming Nature of Paul's Trial
    • The trial was all consuming and beyond Paul's ability to overcome (Jam. 1.2, 1 Pet. 1.6; Ps. 88.15)
    • God's grace is sufficient in all these trials (2 Cor. 12.9)
  2. The Purifying Power of Paul's Trial
    • The purpose of trials (Rom. 5.3-4; Jam. 1.2-4; 1 Pet. 1.6-9; 4.19)
    • Like the disciples, Paul needed to eliminate all self-reliance and rely fully on God (Lk. 10.20; John 16.12; 15.4-5; Mt. 26.35; Mk. 14.31; John 13.8)
    • The need to trust God with our last breath (Acts 7.59; Lk. 23.46; 1 Pet. 4.19)
  3. The Role of Prayer in Paul's Trial
    • God's resurrection power is the sufficient basis of our deliverance
    • The prayers of the saints is the efficient means of our deliverance
    • Prayer produces the proper thanksgiving in trials (2 Cor. 1.11b)
    • Prayer produces the necessary grace for trials (2 Cor. 1.11c)
      • There is a threefold movement in Paul's thought here (Prayer, Providence, and Praise):
        a. Prayer: The church's prayer
        b. Providence: God's work to bestow "favor" through prayer
        c. Praise: The proper attitude or response to God's favor (see also Romans 15.30-32)

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