Worship Services

Time and Location

We currently meet at 5475 Coit Road, Frisco, TX 75035 (Water's Edge Church).

Doors open at 1:30pm for Sunday School and Worship Service starts at 2:30pm.  Our Sunday School has an adult class and 2 children classes.  All three start promptly at 1:30pm.  Service times for Christmas and Easter may vary.

What to Expect

HGCC strives to be Bible focused and Christ centered in all it does.  For this reason God’s Word is uppermost in our worship.  Our worship style is a combination of both contemporary and traditional worship.  More important than what we sing is why and how we sing and worship.  We worship because of the marvelous truths about who God is and what He has done through Jesus Christ for His people.  We desire our worship to be genuine, passionate, and heartfelt.  We desire for our worship to be God centered not man centered.  Our songs all undergo a Biblical litmus test so that we sing only that which we believe is truly reflected in Scripture.  There is no dress code at HGCC; from business, to casual we desire to convey modesty and reverence in God’s church.  

Some childcare will be provided during service especially for younger ages (3 and under/ nursery).  We believe the older children at HGCC should be in corporate worship and hear the preaching of God’s Word.  However our church is not family integrated, family focused, or family centered; HGCC is above all Christ centered – “We proclaim Him” (Col. 1:28).